The 22 Yards T-shirt for Cricket Romantics

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I have *always* been fascinated by those t-shirts - mostly done by the sports teams of American colleges - with a huge number on the front in a jersnumber font. These t-shirts have that 'in-your-face' appeal - which very nicely compliments the 'I-am-proud-of-my-sport' feel that a sport-lover carries in him for his team or sport.

So I made one for cricket - given the unreasonable, 'in-your-face' passion I see for cricket in an average Indian. It also made sense to use this design centred around a number for the sport of cricket, in particular, because cricket is - simply - a game loaded with numbers - probably the most numeric sport there is. I probably couldn't have used the 'aggressive bold number on the front' kind of design for any other sport.

This t-shirt, in navy blue, makes a huge deal about the number, '22' in the front because "those 22 yards" is what a cricket lover, especially the ones who have played serious cricket, lives and dies for. For him, those 22 yards carry a lot of poetry, and he often gets philosophical when talking about the pitch.

The back of the t-shirt is a witty take on the usual worldly fact, "The world is round". For a lover of the 22 yards of the cricket pitch, the world is, indeed, flat.

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