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It's when my friend and then-roomie, Naren, suggested that I should design a tee-shirt to pay a tribute to the warriors who have sacrificed their EVERYTHING for us ... that the 'Amar Jawaan' t-shirt happened. However - I didn't know if I had the balls to go commercial with a topic like the army - but he made me realise that I use t-shirts as a mark of expression, so I should contribute in the manner that I do well.

Since I am still not sure about making profit from this t-shirt, I would try to find a way in which the profits from this t-shirt can be guided towards something benevolent - which may or may not be army-related. I could look at sharing the profits from this t-shirt with an (honorable) martyr's family (and please share your ideas if you have any). If you do buy this t-shirt, I will keep you updated about that idea, and also post an update here. Because there's this nice social intention behind this t-shirt, the 'Amar Jawaan' t-shirt will be a part of the Toubé Bäs Limitless series - I won't restrict it to just 501 prints.

The idea behind this t-shirt didn't take much time. The army is full of ranks, and their diligence towards their hierarchies triggered the thought in me that no one would deny that a martyr is of the highest rank - whether he or she was a Sepoy or a Field Marshal. For the design, I have tried to use colors in the neighborhood of the army green - and it blooms beautifully on a black t-shirt!
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