The City Cyclist No Limits T-shirt

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For as long as I remember, I have been an urban cyclist.

There are those cyclists who like to cycle early in the morning before the traffic takes over, and then there are those who look forward to commuting ... braving the honking, the smoke, the sweat, the sun, threading through the little gaps between cars and buses, and reaching their offices or homes with a contentment that only they can experience.

A cycle's most useful and, hence, in my eyes the truest essence is in reducing the carbon footprint, not in reducing one's weight. If you are not using the cycle to commute from one place to the other, and choose the car or the motor bike instead, you are - really sorry to say - wasting the cycle. You might be doing it for recreation, for your fitness, or for a competition, but I'll give you extra-special brownie points if you are doing it for the ecosystem.

This t-shirt is for that cyclist in you that takes immense pride - and rightly so - in using the cycle to commute from point A to B in the city. Many people complain about the sweat, and how their destination has no shower-rooms, and other such reasons, but to a determined city-cyclist, these reasons are just excuses. He or she .. actually finds a way to beat all of this, but will almost never give-up on the idea of cycling to travel.

Reaching to a place by other means is one thing, reaching to that very destination by the cycle - only people who have done that will understand it completely. The ride is made extra special a couple of taporis on the bike, or just a random guy in the car slows down next to you and bucks you up.

So if you are not yet using the cycle to commute, may be you should wait a little before purchasing this t-shirt? But if you are doing it - this t-shirt wants to embrace you!

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