The Invincibles T-shirt For The Gunners

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Ok, so I am a Manchester United fan, and borrowing from what went in the first decade of this millenium, I should be anti-Arsenal.

But off late (I am taking about anytime after 2010), Mancunians like me have certainly developed a soft-corner for the vastly under-performing Gunners. It's so tragic, that it's pitiful. Not that United have had anything to boast about (we don't even have Champions League football to play), but United's woes are not a thing of surprise - it was always going to be a tough ask to replace SAF, and reboot to SAF's system restore point.

In this window of empathy, I took the opportunity to design a t-shirt pertaining to Arsenal FC, and the context is their incredible 2003-2004 season of invincibles. Given the way the PL has seen a jump in it's competitive quotient, I am dead sure that feat will never be repeated again.

I don't usually impose my evers and nevers on things - but I am sure I'm pretty close in this case.

So the front shows the winning run of the Gunners of the 2003-2004 season in a string of W's and D's, without the L's (of course). In a similar vein, I made sure that the letter 'L' is visible no where on the front of the t-shirt - especialy in the, "The Invincibles" phrase. It's visible in the grunged-out logo of the club, though.

The back required hours of research. I knew I was going to produce the "Invincibles" word using a letter each from the 11 players, but I just didn't want to pick any eleven from their squad. I was determined to pick the eleven who regularly played for the first team, and somehow I managed it :)

The red is not an "Arsenal" red - though I never intended it to be that way.

Know a gunner? Buy it for him/her. You'll get many, many brownie points - I know because I know how I feel when my sister brings Manchester United stuff for me from Singapore!
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