The Football Geek's English T-shirts - Black, Girls

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We're a herd. We're special ones ... and while we may be modest about everything else, we love to show our love for football. Anytime! Everywhere!
This first of the "The Football Geek" series grinningly tells the world how a football geek grew up learning the English alphabet! 'A' was never an 'apple' ... 
Not that just about anyone can wear this tee. It's for real football lovers who know that "The Old Lady" stands for Juventus, or Diego Maradona's middle name is, "Armando", or that the 1st ever World Cup was played, and won by, Uruguay in 1930!!
You thought knowing football was fun! Showing football can be a gala! Wear it in the pub, flash it in your campus, or let the street people know that you really are the real football nerd!
Does hearing about football remind you of a football crazy dear friend of yours? This could be the perfect gift for your geek!

List of witty trivia ranging from A-Z of football! A for the Gunners, B for Barca, C for The Blues ... F for 4-4-2 ... L for The Reds, M for ManU ... R for Real ....  Z for Zizou ... and more! You know why 'Y' is for 'Half-a-Red'? Think ... think!
A fascinating eagle-wing design with the retro kangaroo leather football in the centre! Wonder how the likes of Charlton and Pele used to hit that heavy ball of the yore!!! The eagle wings depict the two colors that the football world is divided into - red, and blue!
Right Sleeve:
That's not all ... the right sleeve carries the famous "C" ... worn on the armbands by captains as they lead their teams out on the field to play the most beautiful game of the world! It's time you own that privilege too!
To accentuate the "mean" look, this tee has been designed on a black base!

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