The "I Love My Mummy" T-shirt - White, Girls

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The moment I got the first lot of these t-shirts, I kept one for myself (albeit the black one that we did earlier)!

I think none of the t-shirts on Toube Bas needs me to say much to sell them ... since people either connect with them instantly, or don't connect with them at all in an eternity. However, I will especially keep quiet about the inspiration behind this t-shirt ... what can I say about showing your love for your maamma on a t-shirt, afterall! So, mum's the word ... !! :) I would go on to the design-thoughts ...

The Front Inspired from the very trendy "I Love NY" art created by the revolutionary designer Milton Glaser - a graphic that you must have seen a hundred thousand times in your life! Over the last 4 decades, this has become one of the most used and recognized pro bono designs on urban street wear!

The Back The back is where we got real witty - with the oh-cho-chweet, li'l Egyptian mummy! We used 3 colors - white and red with all the appropriate shading in grey.

Believe us when we say that people turn their heads to see what the deal is all about with this t-shirt ... I have seen that happening to me personally!

Saare Sheher Main Dhindora!!
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