The Me Feeds On Fast Breaks T-shirt

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Almost every regular buyer from has been poking me for either a BasketBall t-shirt, or a Formula One t-shirt.

You know ... I had to give in! So here's a t-shirt for the hard-core, die hard, basketball lovers! It's been 7 months since I last did a t-shirt (2009), and it's the second anniversary of (13th Feb!), so I I am delighted to come up with this cracking, simple design on this very emotional (hic!) occasion for me!

Like all the t-shirts on, this is a tee that you will either connect with straight away, or not connect with at all. There's no third way about it ... it's as simple as that.

The idea was to play on the words, "Breakfast" and "Fast Breaks", and I thought that the basket-ball seekh kebab might seem deliciously complimentary with it! Of course, as ALWAYS, Asha has done a terrifically neat job of the artwork. One peculiar feature of her graphic designing is that there is a certain completeness in her line-work. That's the best way I could put it in .. realy.

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