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First made in 2013/4, the RD Burman t-shirt - to be statistically true - has made me the maximum number of friends through TB. It always saddened me to see that while we can (easily) find souvenirs and merchandise about random funny things all around, the show-off industry still wants passionately made mug/t-shirt etc. about gems like Panchamda, Kishoreda, Rafi or Gulzar Saheb - and me being such an ardent fan of Panchamda, I couldn't stop myself from making a t-shirt paying my salaam to 'the boss'.

But when I did sit down to do so, I just spontaneously decided to focus on his 'energetic' creations - I thought I would need a lot more sensitivity and sensibility to even attempt to make a t-shirt about his more grave, more thoughtful creations. In other words, I took a call to pay my 'tee-bute' to his "Yamma Yamma's" and "Mehbooba Mehbooba's" and keep myself in my aukaad and not touch his "Naam Gum Jaayega's" and "Roz Roz Aankhon Tale's".

That's when the fun started. When your work requires you to listen to beat-ful songs created by Panchamda, you know you are one of the luckier ones! For weeks together all I did was to listen to his chirpy songs. Yes! That's what I toiled for - listening to his songs and jotting down all the crazy stuff the Boss ever did, made KishoreDa do, made Ashaji do. All his word-inventions like 'Gilli Gilli Akkha' went to the back of the t-shirt, and the graphic inspired by the Superman logo (but not without a heavy dose of creativity added in) went onto the front.

People don't usually realise, but there's a huge gap (sometimes) that needs to be bridged by t-shirt designers like me - the gap between designing something and getting the same thing printed onto the t-shirt. I have only Dharmesh Sir, my print supplier, to thank for - the accuracy with which he helps me achieve my finished 'cup of tee' is almost scientific! You'll know when you get this tee for yourself.

I have loved making this t-shirt. Loved every moment of it. You will know that too when you get this tee for yourself :)

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