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It was a few years ago when Kalpana Supe, my very good friend, informed me about Mrs. Shakuntala Toke, her mother, and how she discovered a passion, knack and talent for painting - at the age of 60! You can have a look at her paintings on her FB page here.

It was more a story of a home-maker taking care of her home-duties first, and then having realised that all her children are well to do, stable, and settled, she decided to take the plunge out of her nest and explore the world.

I loved the story. Then, a couple of years later, Kalpana showed me this painting of Buddha with a Swan that Shakuntala Aunty made, and I was so overwhelmed with awe that the first words I spoke were, "Kalpana, t-shirt!"

Though it took a couple of years to get my act together, I am so glad that it made it into existence. Finally!

The use of colors in this painting, and three primary elements (Buddha's eyes, the swan, and the lotus) seem to radiate immense peace. Everything in this painting - be it the peepal leaves bowing down to reach the Buddha, or his chin, his nose, the flow of his ears, and even his neck line - everything speaks of silence, stillness, and peace.

I'm not a Pali-guru, but a couple of visits to vipassana gave me a chance to pick some words. I would often come across the word, "Anatta" which meant "Nothingness". The Hindi knowers might know it as "shoonyata", and most of us also mix it up with "nirvana".

On seeing this painting, "anatta" kept ringing in my head, so I chose to play it really humble and not spoil her creation with any design inputs of my own - just make a mention of the thought that the state of 'nothing' is most certainly possible. You would fit perfectly in this t-shirt if you - out of your own experiences and meditations - have come to realise the same. The print on the t-shirt is achieved by a technique called 'litho' printing - a technique that I have used for the first time since 2009!

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