The Om n I T-shirt

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This is one of those designs that, in my mind, was supposed to be something else when I started churning over it, and turned into something completely different.

Happens :)

Asha Patel, who has been generously adding immense value to Toubé Bäs with her absolutely egoless graphical designing skills right from the zeroth t-shirt that was made here (that was way back in 2008!), gets the main credit for the beautiful, almost ethnic look that she could bring to this t-shirt.

Kalpana, my co-meditator, happened to suggest one fine day that I should make a t-shirt with a somewhat spiritual essence, so I decided to take some inspiration from the pranav, "Om". The beautiful word, "Omni" came to mind, and hence started a play of words and letters.

In the end it seems pretty simple to arrive at the "Om n I" concept. It implies that when the self (I) dissolves in the "Om", it results in "Omni" (all-pervasiveness of the Self). However, like Bawarchi (yes, the Hindi movie of the yore) told us, "Simple is difficult", it took a lot of stepping away to stop myself from adding my own rubbish to the concept, and present it in its simple form.

For the graphic, the attempt was to symbolically show that the human form, the human ego is essentially a porous combination of the elements, the mind, and the soul .. and nothing else.

Thankfully, all I had to do with Asha was to brief her to use these words to make up the human form, and ensure that this form contains white spaces to show the porous nature.

What Asha came back was .. with a masterclass!

Life in Toubé Bäs is, actually, easy :)

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