The "Mera Superhero" RD Burman T-shirt - Red, Unisex

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Pfoooof! Designing this t-shirt was one of the most dangerous tasks of my entire time at Toubé Bäs - and I am not exaggerating.

To some ... no ... to many, Panchamda is no less than bhagwan - and this thought gave me the jitters as I was half-way through the conceptualization. In my heart, I was dead certain that I'll be using the following three elements to bring out the retro feel of the 70's and the 80's (the RD Era!):

1) Linchtenstein Pop Art - like in Archies comics, with pixels showing in the prints ... check an example
2) Fonts with shadows ... like those many Bollywood posters of the old, including Sholay's!
3) The Superman diamond (which, btw, seems to be coming back in vogue in various colors)!

Designer friend, and IDC-ian, Aditi Babel suggest that any retro concept should have loud colors in the t-shirt ... so I went for a crimson red fabric! Of course, she followed this up with a very minute touch of god-giri - gave RD's shades on the front a green tinge - that instantly remind us of the fantastic disco-pop setting of Panchamda's music videos! Classic, Babel!

However, back to the jitters! As usual, the first thought that came to my mind (which was to make an RD silhouette a.k.a Che Guevara and paste it on the front of the t-shirt and make merry) was eliminated - downright! I mean, how lame is that (we seriously need to get over Che Guevara) ... !

Somehow, the superhero and '-man' idea dawned, and I knew what the t-shirt was going to look like ... but the challenge was, if the graphic wasn't going to be respectful, people would kill me. Worse - it was easy to loosen the grip with the Lichtenstein art ... tricky affair ...

Thanks to Asha Patel (great graphic artist, greater friend), everything now seems bang on the spot!

While sitting for this t-shirt, I realised that it would be difficult to show the love for everything that Panchamda gave us ... classicals, semi-classicals, melodies, westerns etc. etc. Hence, I went for the western tunes - probably that was Pancham's niche-value-add to the Bollymusic industry too. Come to think about it ... how sorry life would be without his innovations like, "Vakow!" ...

That's why, in a fit of jotting down his innovative words, I went through two days of continuous listening of Pancham's numbers (mostly on and jotted as many as I could possibly have done ... from "Tabak Tabak" to "Gilli Gilli Akkha" ..! These words and phrases form the back of the t-shirt and, following a suggestion from friend Bharat Garg, we haven't went berserkly bold with it. We want people to think of this as a t-shirt, not a graffiti board, you see! Plus, when your friend goes behind you to carefully read what all is written on the back, you can eat all the bhaav in the world that you crave for :)

Oh, and like always, what a classic work by Ashfaq and his team of screen-printing fellows at DashnDots, Banglaore- the t-shirts look and feel classy!

Like all of the t-shirts on Toubé Bäs, you will either like this one in 2 seconds flat, or just won't like it. No second thoughts - so probably you wouldn't have paid much attention to my blah blah (above) as well!

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